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Susan E. Duncan

Susan E. Duncan

Speaker 2013

Professor, Food Science and Technology

Dr. Susan Duncan is a professor in the Department of Food Science and Technology at Virginia Tech. She has always had an interest in food and nutrition, starting with helping her parents with the family garden, cooking with her mom, and years of food-related projects in 4-H when she was growing up in Ohio. She pursued her B.S. from The Ohio State University in Food Technology and continued with her M.S. in Nutrition and Foods from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Her PhD in Food Science and Technology was received from the University of Tennessee, where she focused on fluid milk and dairy food quality. As a registered dietitian, Dr. Duncan continues to integrate her interests in food and nutrition through research and teaching activities at Virginia Tech. She teaches courses in functional foods for health and sensory evaluation to undergraduate and graduate students. Her research priority centers on flavor and sensory quality and nutrient value of the food. Research foci within her program includes (1) effects of light energy on nutrients and quality of foods; (2) packaging that protects flavor and sensory quality of foods; (3) metallic flavor perception and taste disorders in cancer patients; and (4) consumer emotional response to food and packaging. Her research program benefits from working with scientists and engineers from many other disciplines at the university.

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