TEDx Virginia Tech presents


at the Moss Arts Center




Session 1 — 6 PM

Steve Matusak Introduction of first speaker
Roop Mahajan Intersections: Incubators of Sustainable Technologies
Brook Kennedy Undark and the Firefly
Wornie Reed A Framework for Civil Discourse about Race and Racism
Video 1 Sculptures that’d be at home in the deep sea
Art Conroy Draw Aloud – The Power and Peril of Illuminative Thinking
Mohsin Kazmi Photographers:  Architects of Light, Architects of Change

Short break

Session 2 — 7:45

Steve Matusak Introduction of first speaker
Aki Ishida Slowing Down with the Speed of Light
Video 2  Dancing with Light
Kelly Donoughe Illuminating the Road Ahead
Special Performance
Joycelyn Wilson The OUTKAST Imagination
Akshay Sharma Designing Empowerment
Austin Larrowe Seeds of Hope
Steve Matusak Closing Remarks

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