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at the Moss Arts Center

Michael Blackwell at TEDxVT 2013: Forget what you know


Michael Blackwell

Speaker 2013; Founder and Director, Natural Intelligence Productions Alum '90, '07

Michael's experience, training and passion lie in the design and implementation of transformative learning environments. He has broad experience in alternative educational paradigms and has taught dogs, infants, schoolchildren, adjudicated youth, teens, families, college students, factory workers, and the elderly. He and his wife home-schooled their two children on their small homestead farm for 12 years. He's won several teaching and advising awards at Virginia Tech and has designed and taught classes such as 'The Nature of Leadership' and 'The Art and Science of Tracking' that harness the power of nature to facilitate individual and social change. He has a MA in Educational Psychology, works as a mentor and coach; frequently guest lectures, teaches and serves as a training and curriculum consultant on local and regional projects.

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