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Steve Matuszak at TEDxVT 2012: The art of improvisation


Steve Matuszak

Speaker 2012; Graduate Student, Communication

Steve Matuszak, currently a Virginia Tech Masters student in Communication, earned dual degrees in Theatre and Communication from the Miami University of Ohio. Beginning his career in acting, stand-up comedy and professional improvisation in the 1980s, he has opened for such greats as Frank Gorshin and Drew Carey. Matuszak served as the Executive Director of Chicago Comedy & Training Company, a corporate-entertainment company from 1995 until 2007. He is the creator of Comedy With A Cause, an arts educational company that provided improvisation-based training and educational programs to schools. Matuszak offers his perspective on The Art of Improvisation: Preparing to be Unprepared. It is said that improvisation is the ability and the willingness to start from nothing. If, however, one starts from nothing, anything is possible.

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