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Shane McCarty at TEDxVT 2012: Actively Caring for People in Schools


Shane McCarty

Speaker 2012; Graduate Student, Psycology

As a graduate of Virginia Tech in 2011 with a Bachelor's degree in Marketing and now a Ph.D. student in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Shane McCarty has been a part of the school since 2007. In the wake of the April 16th shooting, Shane teamed up with student leaders and Dr. E. Scott Geller to develop and carry out a new movement called Actively Caring for People, or AC4P. The movement has gained attention nationwide, and Shane has given presentations on AC4P with the American Psychological Association and the National Collegiate Leadership Conference, among others. The AC4P project involves giving out green wristbands to people who do good deeds, and they keep passing it forward, around the country and even the world. The goal? To thank others for caring about a stranger and to pass that wristband on to another person.

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