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at the Moss Arts Center

Marie & Keith Zawistowski at TEDxVT 2012: Getting Real


Marie and Keith Zawistowski

Speakers 2012; Faculty, Architecture

The husband and wife team of Keith and Marie Zawistowski met at Auburn University while working as students to design and build a charity house. In 2008, they joined Virginia Tech's school of Architecture + Design. They have used their passion of architecture and education to empower their own students to take architecture into their own hands and use their abilities as a force for good. The Covington Farmer's Market and the Clifton Forge Amphitheatre are two significant accomplishments of Keith and Marie's design-in-practice course, which garnered them multiple awards. They plan to share how by giving students an opportunity to make a difference for a community, they can give students the confidence to trust in their own abilities and to do great things in the future.

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